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Puppy Registrations


After acquiring a puppy from a responsible dog breeder from the FCPR, it will be already registered in the FCPR Stud Book. The breeder should give you the Registration Certificate of your new dog, which must be transferred to your name. 



  • The ownership transfer of a dog is on the back side of the Registration Certificate,

  • The breeder must complete and sign section A.

  • The new owner(s) must complete and sign section B. 

  • Cost of transfer: $40.00


All signatures are requiered to process the transfer. 


Dog's name change

Although your dog is already registered, you can change his/her name. Only one name change will be authorized.  

  • Download, complete and sign the Dog's name change application. 

  • Cost: $50.00 





Send your documents

Send the original documents to the FCPR Registrations Office. 

The FCPR will not be responsible for documents lost the the US Mail Postal Service.

Send complete payment with the documents. The FCPR accepts personal checks, Money Orders, Visa & Master Card.


Send documents to: 

Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico

Registrations Department

PO Box 13968

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00908-3968







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